About Us

We are a group of collaborative researchers across the United States and Europe that are working to identify the strategies that can have the greatest impact on improving the health of Americans.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the health of the US population through improved diets by

  • Identifying specific population-level nutrition strategies to improve dietary intake.
  • Assessing the cost of different population-level strategies as they relate to different health burdens
  • Evaluating the cost-effectiveness of these population strategies
  • Understanding the legal and political feasibility of specific nutrition strategies

Our Research

Currently our research focuses on population-level nutrition strategies as they relate to the following health outcomes

  • Heart disease, stroke, diabetes and obesity burdensĀ in the United States
  • Cancer burden in the United States

Our research will provide innovative and highly relevant findings on the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of policies that will inform priorities for prevention strategies to improve the diets and health outcomes in the United States.