What is NutriCare?

The NutriCare study aims to develop, implement, and evaluate the efficacy of an innovative intervention strategy to integrate nutrition into standard oncology care on improving outcomes of the vulnerable patient population with lung cancer. The strategy adapts and implements an evidence-based framework to streamline oncology patients into nutritional care, by providing nutrition prescription, nutrition counseling, and medically tailored meals to vulnerable lung cancer patients.

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MANNA Institute's Academic Seminar: Cancer & Malnutrition

Dr. Rishi Jain, MD, MS, DABOM and Kara Stromberg, MS, RD, CDE, LDN of Fox Chase Cancer Center discussed the malnutrition parameters and the latest nutritional guidelines for oncology patients during the MANNA Institute Academic Seminar. Listen to the recorded webinar to hear about prior research examining the impact of malnutrition and diet on cancer treatment and survivorship, and their upcoming study measuring outcomes of MANNA’s medically tailored meal program for patients undergoing treatment for colorectal cancer.

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Enrolling in the NutriCare Study 

Cancer treatment can be a difficult process and often causes nutrition-related side effects. If you are a patient with lung cancer from one of these four U.S. medical centers: Tufts Medical Center, Fox Chase Cancer Center, MD Anderson Cancer Center, or The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center, you could be eligible to partake in the NutriCare study.

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