Our Work

Food-PRICE is a series of linked research projects across multiple faculty members and institutions. We are a group of collaborative researchers that are working to identify population-level strategies that can have the greatest impact on improving the health of Americans. The focus of our projects ranges from generating scientific evidence to inform nutrition policies to reduce cardiometabolic disease and cancer burden and disparities in the United States to evaluating strategies to integrate food as medicine into healthcare. These studies are conducted via a variety of approaches including, but not limited to, comparative and cost-effectiveness modeling, systematic review and meta-analysis, policy analyses, economic choice experiments, pooled analysis of observational studies, and randomized controlled interventions.

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Policy & Intervention Strategies

Comparative Effectiveness of Strategies to Reduce CVD

Cost-effectiveness of Strategies to Reduce CVD

Comparative and cost-effectiveness of Strategies to Reduce Cancer

NutriCare: Integrating Nutrition into Oncology Care for Vulnerable Cancer Patients